Diwali’s delectable delicacies!

Diwali is around the corner! Diwali is an occasion to relive our traditions which encompass every aspect of our lives.The festival calls for pure enjoyment and celebration with family and friends with lighted lamps (diyas), exciting fireworks and delicious food. Special traditional sweets and snacks Indian foods are prepared and offered to relatives and friends who visit. All these tasty treats  are specially prepared for the festival and are packed with ghee and dry fruits, nuts and saffron.

There are a variety of Diwali sweets but gulab jamuns, kheer, barfis, laddus, malpuas top the list of favorites for those who have a sweet tooth. For those who prefer salty treats, samosas, kachoris and pakoras are an all time favorite. Throw all caution to the winds, indulge and enjoy! You can always get back to your healthy regime after these celebrations. enjoy heavy, rich food in different varieties, but don’t worry about overindulging.

So what surprise are you planning to prepare for your friends and family this diwali?

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