If you’re down and out due to the bland diets on your quest to lose weight, fret not; sweeten your palate with prunes. They are surprisingly lower in calories but rich in fibre and beta carotene; it is nature’s best sources of Beta-Carotene for Antioxidant Protection and soluble fibre for weight loss. What’s more it also regularises bowel movements, lowers Cholesterol and offers intestinal protection. As a defensive agent it is believed to be effective against Postmenopausal Breast Cancer.

Abundant in vitamin A, prunes are considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. Now here’s more reason to add prunes to your daily breakfast menu. Have as a snack or include in desserts, you are in safe hands with prunes.

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2 Responses to Prunes

  1. pallavi says:

    is this fruit has any other name?i can’t identyfy it.

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