We all love popcorn, it is a whole grain snack with only 55 calories per cup. And if it air popped than the calorie intake in much lesser, around 31 calories per cup. One cup of popcorn provides the 1.3 grams of dietary fiber needed.

Here’s some crunchy facts on popcorn-
Do you wonder what makes popcorn pop? Each kernel has a small amount of moisture. As the kernel is heated,   this water turns to steam and since the kernel’s shell is not water-permeable, steam cannot escape which builds up the pressure that leads the kernel to explode, turning inside out.

On average, kernel pops up when heated up to 175 degrees Celsius and moisture content of around 13.5 percent. There are lot of health benefits associated with Popcorn, it aids in digestion and provides the necessary roughing and fiber.

So go and grab this smart snack!

Image Source: http://bit.ly/JbrE8f

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