The Mouth-Watering National dish of Indonesia – Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is one of the most famous cuisines from the land of Indonesia – A country with vibrant and colorful culinary traditions. Nasi means ‘Rice’ while Goreng means ‘Fried’, contrary to its name; this is not an oily dish but is stir-fried.

This Indonesian classic is amazingly versatile, it has various versions such as spicy, sweet, hot and sour seasoned with red chillies, soya sauce and garlic.

One common ingredient used in all the versions is leftover / overnight rice. The taste can be enhanced by using different ingredients such as pieces of shredded chicken, preserved fish or small dried prawns, etc. It is often served with a fried egg on top- sunny side up. The only ingredient that remains constant is leftover / overnight rice.

So when in Indonesia, do not miss out on this addictive delicacy!

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