A Chef’s Best Friend – Spices

Spices are being used since ancient and medieval times. The ancient Egyptians were using these spices for flavouring food, in cosmetics, and even for embalming the dead bodies.

Talking about our Indian cuisine, spices play a big role as they add variety, flavor to the otherwise simple and dull recipes.

Here are some spices that you need on a day-to-day basis:-

  1. Cayenne – Also known as crushed red pepper is made from grinding dried hot chilli peppers. It is often used for preparing barbeque sauces, but the use is not limited to only this. It is also used for seasoning purposes.
  2. Cinnamon – This is either used in stick or in powder form and has a delicate fragrance. It is commonly used in dessert recipes.
  3. Cloves – Always use this spice in a smaller quantity as it can easily overpower the dish with its strong aroma. It is used in making various curry powders.
  4. Cardamom – Mostly in our Indian cuisine, this spice is used in its whole form, although for desserts it is grounded and used.
  5. Cumin Seeds – It is used in many of the curry recipes. Sometimes, the seeds are toasted briefly before using them.

A quick tip: Ground spices release flavour faster as compared to the whole spices.

So do remember to use a good blend of spices for enhancing the flavours of your dish!!

Image Source: http://bit.ly/KIUpWQ

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