More than just a cake!!

What comes first to your mind when you are choosing your wedding cake??

The first factor which influences your choice of cake is ‘Icing’. Let us look at the three most common types of icing:-

Royal Icing – This type of icing is made from icing sugar and egg whites. Generally this type of icing is done on a dense cake such as a fruit cake as it sets very hard.

Fondant Icing – This might taste very similar to Royal icing but it has liquid glucose in it which doesn’t allow it to set very hard on the cake. It is often used to make simple and delicate shapes. Normally this icing is done on light sponge cakes.

Butter Cream Icing – This one is a favourite amongst vegetarians as this icing is egg free. It is made from icing sugar and butter. Pipe this icing to give a swirling effect. Also use this icing for decorating your cupcakes.

So do keep these points in mind while choosing a cake for your D-day!!

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