Rambutans – The Luscious Fruit from Southeast Asia

A fruit with a bad hair day, Rambutans, grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia are ping-pong ball -sized fruit, covered with tiny tentacles and locked up inside is a fleshy fruit.

The word ‘Rambut’ is Malay for ‘hairy’ and hence the fruit got this name. Here are few points to keep in mind when you look for them in the market.

  • Look for a bright red skin fruit.
  • Green skin indicates that the fruit is still unripe.
  • Don’t buy rambutan with black tentacles or hair as this indicates that they are over-ripe.

So next time when you want to try an Exotic fruit – do try this delicious fruit.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/LjcskZ

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