Get Cheesy!

Cheese is a very important ingredient in our kitchens that is used to create and enhance many food preparations. There are a whole lot of varieties of cheese available. The varieties depend on the length of ageing, texture, methods of making, fat content, animal milk, country or region of origin, etc. Some of the most commonly used or heard of cheese are Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Feta, Pecorino, etc. Paneer in India is also a type of cheese.

Mozzarella cheese and Cottage cheese are examples of fresh cheese that do not have any additional preservatives and have a mild flavor. Processed cheese is made from traditional cheese and emulsifying salts, often with the addition of milk, more salt, preservatives, and food coloring. It is inexpensive, consistent, and melts smoothly. It is sold packaged and either pre-sliced or unsliced, in a number of varieties. Cheddar is semi hard while Parmesan is a hard variety of cheese.

Which is your favorite?

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