Best Berries – Blackcurrants!

Nutritional powerhouses, Blackcurrants are better than most their cousins in the berry family. It is the healthiest of them all. They are enriched with highest levels of health boosting anti-oxidants that have the ability to stave of many illnesses including heart ailments. They are very rich in vitamin C.

Blackcurrants were traditionally used only for jams, syrups, preserves, nectars, pies and puddings, but more recently, they are also being eaten with yoghurt ice cream or cream. In its pureed form, black currants are also used in cheese cakes, sorbets. Blackcurrants are a popular ingredient in confectionaries.

In India, the fruit is available more in its frozen form in stores, rather than fresh.

However, the fruit can be used in the following ways:-

  1. Try this delicious fruit with avocado or tuna, for a sensational taste.
  2. Add a little blackcurrant juice to a glass of wine and create your own cocktail.
  3. Mix some blackcurrant with natural yoghurt and add some crunched up ginger biscuits for a colorful and tasty dessert.
  4. Reduce the berries in a saucepan and add some sugar and a little water to form a versatile puree. Use this puree as a base for various summer puddings.
  5. Blackcurrant ice cream however, remains the favourite of all.

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