Corns aren’t corny, we assure!

Corn, as we all know is a hot favourite snack option, with most of us queuing up at the ‘bhuttawallah’ at the end of the street, especially in monsoons!
Roasted, steamed, cooked in gravies or boiled, corn is loaded with health benefits. Though a little hard to digest, corn is also beneficial for health.
High in dietary fibre, corn helps our digestive health and cardiovascular health. It strengthens our immune system, improves the health of the eyes and also works as an energy booster. Its high fibre content helps in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of colon cancer. Fiber is also useful in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics. 
Biting off corn kernels straight from the cob with a dash of butter and lemon feels like bliss. Simply try corn as a side dish, sautéed with green chilies and onions or season it with salt, pepper and lemon juice!
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