The exotic ‘dragon’ fruit!

Dragon fruit, known as ‘pithaya’ in India is among the most exotic fruits.

With wonderful looks, the dragon fruit is a favourite to people of the Asian origin. It is light sweet in taste, like a vague blend of coconut and litchi.

It is exotic in terms of its colour and shape. A refreshing fruit, pithaya is full of vital minerals and with varied nutritional ingredients.

The dragon fruit supplements fiber which is healthy for liver and laxative. It is healthy for people with high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

For a person on a diet or someone who is trying to reduce weight, the pithaya is a very healthy fruit. It helps reduce a considerable amount of weight at the same time, balancing body nutrients.

It also contains good amount of carotene which helps the ones with a weaker eye sight. Its fiber contains enhances digestion and also reduces fat. It is also healthy for people with a calcium deficiency and its Vitamin B2 contain helps those who have lost their appetite.

Not just that! It also moisturizes our skin and helps the skin glow and look fresh.

Health and beauty combined. Don’t we just love this dragon fruit?
Yes, with its textured covering it looks nothing less than a dragon!


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