Pop that peanut!

Though it is called a ‘pea-nut’, it basically isn’t a nut!
It is a legume related to beans and lentils.

Isn’t it funny why is it called a peanut then? They say, English is a funny language!

As small as a peanut is, it is yet very healthy.

Peanuts have higher antioxidant capacity over fruits such as grapes and vegetables such as spinach, tomato, broccoli, carrots and many more.

Peanuts and peanut butter contain over 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients.

Peanuts are naturally cholesterol free and hence peanut oil is advisable for good health. 

Next time when you’re walking down the street and you find a ‘mungfali wala’, happily buy a handful!


Image Source – http://bit.ly/Ncvzm4

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