Know the greens!!

A member of the sunflower family, it first grew as a weed around the Mediterranean sea.

Apparently, most of the lettuces are packed directly from the farm.

The darker the shade of the leaves, the more nutritious they are.

Here are the different types of lettuces:

BUTTERHEAD – Loose heads, grassy green leaves, butter texture, mild flavor. They look like a blooming rose or have a small, cup-shaped appearance.

CRISPHEAD – These are pale green in colour and hence, the least nutritious of the green salads. They are commonly known as ‘iceberg’ lettuce. Some of them have a crispy texture and are mildly flavoured.

LOOSELEAF – The leaves are connected to the stem instead of growing from the heads. Few examples are oak leaf, red leaf, and green leaf.

ROMAINE OR COS – The popular Caesar salad is made using this lettuce.  It is loaf shaped with long, deep green leaves.

So next time when you have to buy Lettuce, hope this helps you to pick the right one!!


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