Figuring those yummy figs!

Called ‘figs’ in English, ‘higo’ in Spanish, ‘figue’ in French, ‘feige’ in German and ‘anjeer’ in Hindi, figs are partially heart shaped with a maroon inner part.

Can you guess how many varieties of figs exist? Apparently, there are about 600 different types of figs!The cultivation of figs can be tracked back to the days of the ape men. Figs are considered to be the first agricultural plants grown by humans.

Don’t you just love sipping the fig milkshake? Well, figs compete with milk. It seems, half a cup of figs will provide as much calcium as a half cup of milk.

How about having a cup of fig for breakfast? Surely, that is a good calcium intake.Many of us are actually not aware that fig isn’t really a fruit. It is a flower. Let’s call it a flowery fruit!

Fig has been a staple food for many civilizations, both rich and poor since the olden days. Fig has become the symbol of abundance, fertility and sweetness over the years.
A fig tree can grow as tall as 50 feet. Now, that explains why it is a symbol of abundance!
The roots of a fig tree are considered to be among the deepest roots and have been recorded to grow down as deep as 400 feet.
Figs contain iron, calcium & potassium. They’re higher in fiber compared to any other common fruit or vegetable.For those who wish to quit smoking, fig is considered to be an aiding element. In case you know someone, may be you could recommend this healthy way!

So now, who want to split open that fig and get a mouthful?

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