Asparagus comes from the Lilly family, alongside garlic, onions and tulip.

An Asparagus grows upto 10 inches in about 24 hours!

There are about 300 species of Asparagus though, not all are consumable.

There are Green asparagus, White asparagus and Purple asparagus. The most commonly available asparagus is the green asparagus.White asparagus is the one which grows in lesser light and is usually bitter in taste, compared to the green asparagus.Purple asparagus has a higher content of sugar and low content of fiber. It contains a cancer fighting phytochemical which also adds to its purple pigment.

Asparagus has a lot of health benefits too. It is a rich source of potassium and contains ‘asparagine’ which gives asparagus a strong diuretic effect. Asparagus is also used to treat problems involving swelling, such as arthritis and rheumatism, and may also be useful for Pre Menstrual Stress-related water retention.It is healthy for the bones and is effective to fight against skin aging process. Its consumption helps reduce the risk of heart diseases.

To enjoy a cup of asparagus tea, take the ends of asparagus and put them in a saucepan until the water is green. Strain into a tea cup to drink the ‘cup of health’.


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