Bagel bagel, all the way!

Warm and chewy, soft and doughy! Don’t we all love a good bagel?
This bread item which is popular in the West has now become a premium breakfast item!
Here are some fun facts about bagels.
A bagel isn’t a recent add on. History traces its origin back to the 1700’s, according to popular belief. Bagels were created to honor King John III Sobieski of Poland, after he protected Austria’s people from an attack by Turkish invaders.
Did you know? Bagels are the only bread which is boiled before it is baked.
For all those who are vegans, here is some good news! Bagels are made from egg-less dough. 😀
Bagels can either be toasted or had with your regular tea or coffee. Some prefer it with a topping or cheese or flavoured such as sesame bagels.
To keep your bagels fresh for long, store them in a tight plastic bag and do not refrigerate them.

So, how do you eat your bagels?


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