Water water, everywhere in our body!

We have moved on to a world where we focus more on cereals and salads while we over look the importance of water.

Taking a look at the human anatomy, the brain consists of 90% water, muscle consists of 75% water, blood consists of 83% water while bones consist of 22% water.

Did you know, on an average, a human being should consume 3 litres of water daily!

Have you ever given a thought as to how much consumption is required by your body and how much do you consume? Often, no is an answer.
This explains why water is considered to be so holy.

Here are the reasons as to why water is considered to be vital and its benefits:

1) All those trying to reduce weight, all you need to do is drink a good amount of water. Water flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown. Water is also an effective appetite suppressant which reduces one’s hunger.

2) Dehydration is a common reason for headaches and body pains. Drinking water helps reduce dehydration and thus the pains.

3) Water helps replenish and moisturize skin, thus helping one look younger.

4) Water helps the brain functioning, keeping it more alert, helping it think better and increase concentration.

5) One of the most unnoticed yet most important. Water helps maintain the body temperature. Water helps one feel more energetic while exercising.

Next time you sip water, remember how much it helps you and your body!

Stay fit, drink more water. 😀


Image Source – http://bit.ly/V4KeEe

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