Fruit Salad

Detox your system with some luscious and fresh ‘Fruit Salad’.

Here’s a quick read to know more on how to make it and its benefits!

A fruit salad typically consists of a combination of fresh fruits, served either in its own juices, or with different syrups, honey, cream, milk or yogurt.

Here is why you should not miss out on having this delicious bowl of health:

  • It helps prevent digestive problem as constipation.
  • Good for detoxification and washes away harmful toxins from the body.
  • Helps to revitalize energy levels, rejuvenate the mind and get healthier.
  • A taste of heaven!

Ingredients – slices of Banana, slices of Apple, Grapes, slices of Kiwi, pieces of Watermelon , flakes of Orange, slices of Mango, pieces of Strawberry. You could add more if you want.

(choice of fruits could be of your own, but include more than four fruits to make it lavish.)

Preparation – Wash all fruits well before cutting them. Deseed fruits.

Now make medium sized slices and pieces of them, so much, that they fit into the mouth.

Toss them in a bowl.

Garnish with whipped cream or honey or yogurt according to your taste.

Your ‘Fresh Fruit Salad’ is now ready to relish!

Note:   Fruit Salad tastes best when chilled. Present Fruit Salad in a glass bowl or martini glass!

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