Marzipan: Coat it!

Marzipan in comparison to icing not only tastes better but also gives your cake a better and smoother appearance. Making a marzipan mixture is easy. Make marzipan dough using sifted icing sugar, ground almonds, egg whites, vanilla flavoring and lemon juice. Keep this dough in the fridge.

You need something sticky such as jam or marmalade to adhere the marzipan to your cake. Put two or three spoonfuls of the same into a saucepan and melt it (make sure you do not boil it). Once this jam cools down apply it over the cake. Before the jam can dry roll out the marzipan sheet and place it over the cake and smooth-en the edges. Keep the cake in the fridge for some time.

We now need to cover the marzipan and the cake with the fondant of your choice. Fondant can be bought from a super market or made at home. Make a thick dough using gelatin  cold water, sugar syrup, glycerin ,icing sugar and white vegetable shortening( available at any super market). Cover this fondant with cellophane paper and place it in the fridge. It is preferable you buy ready-made fondant so as to avoid disasters.

After a while take the fondant out of the fridge and roll it gently, placing it over the marzipan coating. Smoothen the edges to avoid creases.



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