Make everyday a ‘Fry-day’

You have one and then immediately go in for the next, and then the next. Till finally you realize, that the plate is clear. FRENCH-FRIES are an all time favorite and is normally served at the side of a main dish.
It is about time we add a little zing and bring these delicious crispy delights in the limelight! Here is a list of all that you can do to make this all time favorite even more irresistible. Below are 8 toppings, dips or sides for you try the next time you eat fries. Feel free to experiment with more!
1)  Lemon juice with chilly flakes makes a perfect tangy topping.
2)  Sour cream- Take equal amounts of curd and mayonnaise in a bowl and mix. Grate garlic as per taste and top it with oregano or basil. Mix this well.
3)  Tartar sauce- 1 cup of mayonnaise, 2 tbsp of lemon juice,1 tbsp of sweet pickle or dill relish,1 tbsp of minced onion, salt and pepper to season.
4)  Mayonnaise- You can use the mayonnaise as it is or mix it with tomato ketchup or mustard and pair it with your fries.
5)  Gravy- When there’s gravy left at home, do not let it go in waste as this is a perfect companion with your fries.
6)  Cream cheese with chili powder- Cream cheese can be bought from the super market and mixed with chili powder. Instead o cream cheese you can also make a paste using paneer, chilly powder and salt.
7)  Freshly prepared mango chutney goes just perfectly with your fries.
8)  Melt cheese on top of your fries and sprinkle with chilly flakes and oregano.
9)  In a pan heat milk and corn flour and stir till thick. Grate cheese and mix till it all melts. Season with pepper and pour this sauce on top of your fries.
These toppings and dips are a must try! Be free to experiment with your fries.
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