A Healthy-hearty winter!

Ever wondered how being healthy can be yum? Winter honey is the way to go.
It is winter season. Hot cakes, coffee, brownies are a perfect way to warm us up in such a cold weather. Here is a perfect way to count your calories and stay healthy this winter as you gobble up your favorite treats.
Using honey as a substitute for sugar is a perfect start to a healthy winter. Honey not only adds to the taste but also keeps you away from all the winter ailments. Remember the time a spoonful of honey helped clear a cough or a cold? So why not add a little flavor to your health and start your day with a simple breakfast such as honey on toast and end it with a dash of honey to your warm milk. Unlike sugar honey does not add weight to your body.
Research has shown that if you drink a 16 glasses of water containing four tablespoons of honey every day, you will experience improved levels of antioxidants in your system and this keeps you active for the rest of the day.
Honey is an excellent source of carbohydrates, mineral, vitamins and antioxidants. The benefits of honey go beyond natural energy and great taste. It can be used as a beauty agent as well to avoid the harsh effects of winter on your skin. Honey naturally attracts and retains moisture to the skin.
Choose the sweet path to your health with a spoonful of honey!
Image Source: http://bit.ly/Zp9GAX
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