A small winter meal!

 “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. This common and simple quote is a great way to remember how to eat throughout the day. However, its meaning is well understood during the winters.

You should start the morning by eating a full, balanced and healthy diet with no real exemptions. As the day progresses, you should start to eat light and continue with eating least at night. This is the most important bit especially during winter.

Having a light meal during this cold climate helps your metabolism. As a result, towards the end of the day, you should sleep easily without feeling too full so that the next day you are healthy and active enough to bare the sudden change in the increased morning temperature. In low temperatures, you should take into consideration if you’re a morning person or night/evening as you may have to tweak this saying a bit.

If you are a morning person, having a light dinner should be your option so that the morning climate change does not make you feel groggy.However if you are a night/evening person make sure that you tweak up the saying and have a light lunch.

Irrespective of what you are, your dinner especially during winters should be limited and light! A light meal doesn’t have to be just a salad or a small cup of soup. They need to be healthy and nutritious to work in a diet. They also need to provide enough carbohydrates to maintain energy in the cold and enough calories and protein to produce a lasting feeling of fullness.

Keep the saying in mind always and make the most of it in this dull and gloomy weather!


Image source: http://bit.ly/X7ARim

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