Green v/s Red

There are two main types of delicious apples. The first is the Red Delicious or the red apple, which is typically a bright red and has five very obvious bumps on the bottom.

The other type is a round, greenish-yellow apple known as the Golden Delicious or the green apple. The difference between the two goes way beyond just their colours.

Apples are often eaten raw, but can also be found in many foods (especially desserts) and drinks. The green apple is excellent for cooking. It can be used to make pies, applesauce or simply baked with some sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. The red apple does not hold up as well in terms of flavor when cooked. It is best kept refrigerated and eaten raw.

Besides this, there is a slight difference in terms of health beneficial & nutritional contents between the two apples. Green apples have less sugar and less glucose. So, if you have diabetes then green apples are the perfect choice to eat. With its less sugar and less anti-oxidant, this fruit will keep your tummy full, and will make sure you do not doubt yourself. The delicious red apples are perfect for those who are on diet. Since these apples can keep you on the go with lots of sugar content, it can be used as a alternative for your regular unhealthy snacks.

The next time you go apple-shopping and you see these two, you will surely know when to choose which. Choosing it right can help you to a great extent as mentioned above. Remember it is not only about colour, but goes way BEYOND!


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