The Food Of the Gods!

Nothing says dessert like chocolate! However you like it, chocolate is wonderful to cook or bake with and it’s surprisingly versatile. They are considered as the most favorite sweet and flavor, may it be in ice-creams or cakes. It is admired all over the world in all forms be it a chocolate bar, chocolate mousse or chocolate cake. People ranging from young to old are keen to enjoy chocolates.

Imagine the richest, darkest, most decadent chocolate dessert you’ve ever eaten.  The very thought of this chocolate can bring a smile on your faces. Just with a spoonful of chocolate bread pudding, a bite of a cupcake or a scoop of chocolate ice-cream and you won’t be disappointed. Anything made of chocolate is a pure delight and a great stress buster.

Chocolate has always found its way through people’s hearts.

The Greek term ‘Theobroma’ literally means the “food of the gods”. This association rightly fits any chocolate delicacy. You can’t possibly go wrong with this element in your dessert. Anything made from chocolate, is a great gift for anyone at anytime. May it be Valentine’s Day or any special occasion, all you have to do is pack your loved one a tiny cupcake with beautiful icing and smiles find their place. Chocolate doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. In fact, to some extent it can be downright good for you!

Chocolate desserts are always a delight and as rightly said by Jo Brand-

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate” 😉


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