Veggies served right!

Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you. Many parents earnestly strive to ensure their children eat them every day – sometimes with little success. In light of this all-too-common challenge, parents often ask for tips to get their children to eat more vegetables. Here is a list of things you should do to make your child eat right.


1)      Add a little creativity to your food by presenting it well. Create smileys using your veggies or carve them in a shape that your kids will like.

2)      Try not to overcook vegetables. Light cooking preserves taste, bright appearance, and valuable vitamins that your kids will prefer.

3)      Make a chopped vegetable salad: Cut lots of raw veggies into cute little bits, add your family’s favorite dressing, and even add some toasted nuts, and you will have a really crunchy festival of vegetables.

4)      Serve them raw as a snack: Cut carrots or any other vegetable in slices and give these to your kids as a snack to munch on.

5)      Just add butter or cheese: Add a little bit of melted cheese or butter with your veggies.

6)      Add them to soup: It’s really amazing when it’s submerged in a savory broth. If you suspect that they won’t like it, chop it up till it’s really tiny. After half an hour in the soup, it will magically disappear!

7)      Roast them till they are crispy and golden: Take cauliflower, for instance — it’s a tough vegetable to love if you’re a kid. Cut the heads of cauliflower, coat the tiny pieces liberally with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and roast at 350° for about half an hour and you will have little brown bits of deliciousness. You can do the same with other veggies.

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