The joys of the JUNK!


A bite of a burger, the moistness of a deep fried meal and the sparkling of a bubbly drink just seems to sound more than just perfect. Doesn’t it? Junk food often poses as a dilemma to several questions, however at the same time it is the key answer to all. The joys of the junk are uncountable.

Junk food is bad, junk food causes cholesterol and several other diseases, people who eat junk food have a shorter mortality rate and so the list of negativities goes on and on. If you have faced any one of these questions once in your life, you are a true junkie. Nevertheless the loyalty of a junk food lover remains and grows. As been considered as the perfect comfort food and a great anti-depressant, people often tend to resort to junk food when depressed. Thus obesity and cholesterol becomes a matter of great concern. Junk food is considered to be the most effective and addictive type of drug. People often choose it due to its convenience and availability. Burgers, Vada-pav, French fries and even aerated drinks may be considered to be demons in disguise for most nutritionists, while a junk food lover considers them to be a perfect soul mate.

It is rightly said “people, who love to eat, are always the best people” .So what if you blow away a few calories once in a while right? Being a junkie may not be wrong; however limits should not be crossed. An overdose of this deep fried goodness may have a harsh toll on one’s health.
The joys of the junk food are magnificent in the eyes of eater and once a junkie always a junkie ;).

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