Boring Breakfast no more!

The breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day; and hence skipping it would be rather wrong. However having the same continuous repetitive breakfast can often force a person to do so. It is indeed wrong if you start your day on such a bad note. Hence, here we give you a few quick tips you can consider for this most important meal of the day. Stay away from boring breakfast and make the mornings fun!


1) Visually appealing and creative breakfast foods are one way to make it more pleasant. Instead of serving the usual eggs, pancakes, chapattis etc, come up with something different for the first meal of the day.

2) Instead of serving plain rotis, you can chop up fine vegetables and serve them as a roll.

3) Make pancakes differently and use what you would use as a topping, as a filling.

4) Serving waffles are a great idea. You can buy ready-made waffles from a bakery and top it up with a healthy and delicious garnish.

5) Add a little kick to the boring morning coffee and chai by adding a spoon of honey, chocolate, cream or any flavour. A spoon of caramel with coffee tastes delicious!

6) Create a fusion when bored and add a little western touch to the Indian breakfast. This can be done in your own creative way. One such way is to serve stir fry idlis with your favourite sauces and with crispy noodles.

7) Step back from the boring egg (full fry and half fry) and make something innovative. Scramble it up with sauces, cheese and cold cuts for a breakfast made in heaven.

In short, you can experiment with your breakfast in any way you like and do great justice to this important meal. Be innovative at the start of the day and good will just follow!

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