Bake The Cake And Eat It Too!

Failing at initial attempts in baking is not new. Most people overlook important rules while baking-

Here are a few tips to keep handy:

1) Ingredients for cakes should be kept at room temperature approximately 60-90 minutes before using them.

2) Using the right amount of ingredients is very important, use a digital kitchen scale to accurately measure out the ingredients for that perfect cake.

3) Use homogenized milk for baking cakes, it will surely give your cake an added zing.

4) Unsalted butter works best for most cakes.

5) Mix the dry ingredients together before adding them to the wet ingredients.

6) Let the oven reach the required temperature before putting the cake in to bake.

7) Use the cleanest knife or skewer to check if your cake is ready. If the skewer comes off clean, it indicates your cake is ready!

8) Adding too much of flour can cause the top of your cake to crack.

9) Grease the mould well before putting in the batter so that the cake does not stick to the mould and slides off easily on cooling.

Follow these tips and bake the perfect cake you have always desired!


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