Mad over Mangoes!

Mango is a versatile tropical fruit with unique flavour, fragrance, taste, and heath promoting qualities.Its flavour is pleasant and rich & tastes sweet with mild tartness.

A high-quality mango fruit should have very less fibre content & minimal sour taste.

How to select & store mangoes?

  • Choose mangoes with intact skin without any bruises or cuts.
  • Unripe mangoes can be kept at room temperature for few days, and to ripen, keep them in paper covers.
  • Ripen ones should be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Bring mangoes back to normal temperature when its to be eaten to get the natural taste & flavor.

Here are some uses & serving tips:

  • Mango fruit can be enjoyed all alone without any additions.
  • Fresh mango cubes are a great option to fruit salads.
  • Mango juice with ice cubes is a delicious drink.
  • Mango fruit juice blended with milk serves as “mango-milk shake.”
  • Mango fruit is also used to prepare jam, ice cream and candies.

And now here’s a marvelous & tummy-filling recipe you Must Try this summer!

‘Mango-nut-oatmeal’ glazed with Honey & Chocolate Sauce.

Ingredients – 1-2 number of Mangoes, handful of Almonds,  1 cup of Yoghurt, 1 tsp of Cinnamon powder, Honey as per taste, 50 gms of Oats, Chocolate Sauce as per choice. (Single Serving)

Method – Boil oats in water for 5-7 minutes till no water remains. Then keep it aside to cool it down. Meanwhile prepare the other ingredients to be added. Add some yoghurt to the mixture of oats and mix well. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to add a unique flavour & aroma. Slice mango pieces to be added. Cut some soaked & peeled almonds. Add them both to the mixture on the top, this time without mixing.

Finally, to sweeten, use honey instead of sugar on the top. Decorate with chocolate sauce & relish.


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