Watermelon, The ideal summer fruit!

Watermelons are rich in Vitamin A, B & C. What’s more? They are very nutritious & low in calories.

It is an ideal health fruit because it contains 92 % water & does not contain any fat or cholesterol.

It also fills you up fast due to its water content. So have it along with your lunch or dinner as watermelons will prevent you from overeating.

It’s an ideal health food because it doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol, is high in fiber & is a good source of potassium.

Tips for a juicier watermelon:

  • Long-term refrigeration can sap nutrients & flavor from watermelon.
  • To guarantee a tasty & juicy fruit, place watermelon in the fridge for 30 minutes before slicing.
  • A quick chill causes the fruit’s cells to constrict.

The right pick – Choose the right watermelon!

Always choose one that is symmetrical & firm without any bruises.

Turn it over & you will see a yellow colour on one side. The yellow area is a good sign as it shows that the watermelon had rested on the ground while ripening under the sun. It’s also an indication that the melon is sweeter & juicer.

Slap the melon, if it sounds hollow, it’s ripe.

Refresh yourself with this exciting new recipe of ‘Watermelon Cooler’

Ingredients –

·  Watermelon Slices

·   3 – 4 sprigs Mint Leaves

·  1 – 2 tsp Lemon Juice

·  Sugar as required

Method –

·  Remove the seeds from watermelon

·  Grind it in the mixer by adding few mint leaves

·  Filter the solution & add sugar

·  Add little lemon juice & dilute it to the required consistency by adding water.

Sit back, Sip & Relax 😉



Image Source – http://bit.ly/Nq1mdv

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