Cake’s the way to Happiness!

A Birthday feels incomplete without a Cake! Don’t we all agree on that?

Right from Birthday parties to Wedding Anniversaries a delicious Cake completes all occasions.

Baking your own Cake is always more special than buying one from a Shop.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while baking a Cake!

Tips for Beginners:

  • If adding nuts to your batter, dust them lightly in plain flour & then immerse. The flour will help avoid the nuts sinking to the bottom.
  • If you plan to add flavors to your cake, do that while you are beating the butter & sugar so that they are distributed evenly.
  • To prevent burning, place parchment paper to the bottom of the baking pan to prevent the pan from getting super hot.
  • When the cake is ready, leave it for 5 minutes so the cake doesn’t crack when turning out.
  • And lastly, you need to learn to be patient while baking one.


















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