Eating comes first, but Brushing must follow!


“Brush your teeth twice a day”, is something we have heard since childhood.

But, how many of us put it into practise?

Let’s teach our kids the importance of Brushing daily!

Kids eat a whole lot of food stuffs throughout the day. The variety of junk foods on their list is endless!

Do they even remember to brush after any meal? Kids often take things for granted & leave things for later.

Even if small particles remain between gaps of the teeth, it could lead to bacteria collecting & further lead to bad-breath, gum problems & finally tooth-decays, causing them intense pain.

Make it a point to remind your kids to brush after a meal so they develop a good discipline.

After all, brushing twice a day is a healthy habit!

It is important for your kids to keep their mouth away from cavities, infections & germ-free.

Here’s what you need to tell your kids to help keep their mouth clean:

  • Don’t haste while brushing. Spend at least 5 minutes, brushing your teeth.
  • Gargle & rinse your mouth thoroughly after meals.
  • Don’t be lazy to brush after you munch on something, watching a late night show on television.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.



















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