Stay Calm & Drink more Milk.

Milk is a complete food. It’s simply the best way of getting most of the nutrients necessary for our body from one drink.
As a kid, we all made a fuss about drinking milk often.
Our Moms have mixed several variants like strands of kesar or saffron powder with sugar or chocolate powder to make us drink it.
The best way of having milk is with some chocolate cookies.
You can still continue the same. Point being, do not neglect drinking Milk.

Here’s why you should drink a glass of milk daily:

  • Promotes healthy Teeth.
  • Provides stronger Bones.
  • Helps in Muscle building.
  • Promotes Good Eye-sight.
  • Boosts Appetite.
  • Good for Skin.
  • Helps control Unhealthy Snacking Habits.

Here’s a 5 minute recipe of what you could do to make milk more like a cool tasteful drink.

Ingredients – 1 glass milk, Honey as required, pieces of almonds, chocolate sauce & ice.
Method – Take a glass of milk & add some ice cubes. Add honey & chocolate sauce as required & mix pieces of almonds.
NOW, you will enjoy milk more!


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